Rebooting the System

Terence McKenna admonished us to remember that culture is not our friend. We can think of culture as a programming language with which our fleshy biocomputers are able to process the information bombarding our reality tunnels.  Defects in language result in defective thinking.  Unhealthy thoughts lead to dis-ease and destruction.  It is time to update our… Continue reading Rebooting the System

Worry is Preposterous

What are we supposed to do in this lifetime? Terence McKenna suggests: “De-emphasise anxiety… reassure people… How often do we hear people say “I’m scared about my job, I’m anxious about my relationship, my children…” Don’t worry… you don’t know enough to worry… that’s God’s Truth. Who do you think you are to worry? It’s… Continue reading Worry is Preposterous