A Force For Change or Forced to Change?

In these times of great turbulence we have the power to choose whether to live as a force for change or accept that we will be forced to change.

Everything in life is constantly in a state of flux… moving, growing, transforming, evolving.  To think that we can resist the tides and currents of existence is insanity.


Are We Not Standing At The Fountainhead?

Tonight I watched a film that moved me deeply, perhaps one of the greatest films I’ve seen since Network (1976).  They certainly don’t make them like they used to.

I’ve suffered great anguish in recent times through wondering if I shouldn’t just submit to society’s clamouring pleas for conformity.  Am I really so proud that I am not willing to sacrifice myself in the name of a peaceful life? Continue reading “Are We Not Standing At The Fountainhead?”