Two Fleas and the Question of a Dog

Although the absurdity of the image of two fleas arguing over who owns the dog is immediately apparent… the absurdity of how we must pay for the right to live on the land continues to escape our society as a whole.

Over 20 years of paying rent and feeling the futility of trying to build a home whilst vulnerable to the whims of the housing market… I have been moved on from over 30 addresses.  Last year my patience finally broke and for the last 15 months I’ve lived without a place to call my own, rent free and without the associated property obligations but experiencing an even greater form of vulnerability.  Although I’ve not had to spend a night on the streets, there have been moments when the dampness of a shop doorway has felt perilously close, close enough to further deepen my empathy for those with no alternative.

Our culture is so completely insane, so totally upside down and back to front… it seems we must choose between living as an outlaw or surrendering to the insanity of reinforcing our culture’s bizarre traditions like paying money for the right to lie down on a small patch of earth.

Progress and Poverty

Who could dispute the insanity of fleas arguing about who owns the dog?

Not many people seem to have heard of Henry George.  After nearly 25 years of taking a keen interest in Economics I was surprised to find that this man has provided one of the most damning critiques of Adam Smith et al and provides a convincing deconstruction of the logical fallacies that underpin our modern world.

Regardless of the absurdity of the situation, we humans persist in the insanity of disputing who owns the land.  Who could ever own the land?  The confusion between the right to own the product of one’s labour and the right to own the land is crippling civilisation and guarantees our demise if we don’t get over this erroneous thinking.  Every previous empire has fallen when the levels of inequality becomes intolerable.

Quite incredibly, Henry George outlines a beautifully simple means to alter the course of our collective future, should we be willing to challenge the inherited assumptions of the past.  A win-win solution awaits us.

Here’s a link to the book online with a great narration in a soothing voice I’ve enjoyed listening to late at night.