The Prison of the Rational Mind: And How to Get Out of It

There have been times in my life where i have been locked inside my own head, imprisoned by the very thoughts I was thinking.  Some people may instantly be able to identify with this statement… probably those fortunate individuals who have also discovered the limits of rational thought.  This article is by no means an attack on reason, the world would be a whole lot more sane if more people would apply their faculty for rational thought a little more often… but as usual, we collectively struggle to free ourselves from the swinging pendulum upon which we hurtle from one polarity to another.

Unfortunately, the reality of the prison of the rational mind is rarely appreciated until one has escaped its clutches.  Powerfully depicted in ‘The Matrix’, the full truth of one’s enslavement can only be fully apprehended once the liberated mind has stepped beyond the frontiers of our normal perception. Continue reading “The Prison of the Rational Mind: And How to Get Out of It”