Dr. Gabor Maté – Bioneers

Here is a recent talk from one of the most inspirational and holistic thinkers on the planet, a man whom I believe is playing a significant role in the healing of the planet, disseminating ideas and compassionately contextualising the modern condition showing clear signposts to the way out.

Dr Gabor Maté

This man has become one of my favourite speakers, every talk I’ve listened to has been engaging, inspirational and informative, delivered with a tenderness and compassion that would soften the hardest of hearts.  His insight into health was built upon years of serving as a family doctor combined with his dedication to supporting those in palliative care or with addiction problems.  His personal experience of ADD, ADHD, addiction and many other forms of illness results in a deep understanding and inspiring vision of how the whole spectrum of disease is inter-related.