Reply from the Naked Prisoner

I’ve just received a response from Stephen Gough.  Recently I was moved to hear about the ongoing incarceration of the Naked Rambler who has been in prison for over ten years now, three in solitary confinement, with immediate arrest following each release because despite warnings, he immediately undressed on principle.  He has even removed all his… Continue reading Reply from the Naked Prisoner

Dr Gabor Maté

This man has become one of my favourite speakers, every talk I’ve listened to has been engaging, inspirational and informative, delivered with a tenderness and compassion that would soften the hardest of hearts.  His insight into health was built upon years of serving as a family doctor combined with his dedication to supporting those in palliative care… Continue reading Dr Gabor Maté

Community Building

The video below is a reading of a piece about the formations of communities written by M Scott Peck, a writer for whom I have a growing appreciation.  He asserts that there is a four stage process that will manifest for almost any community be it a family, a business, a group process or living… Continue reading Community Building


The minute that a sufficient number of people grasp the truth of what’s laid out clearly in this blog I’m reposting here, we can find ourselves with a very different world. It is singularly the most ignored and equally powerful information regarding our modern society. It also touches on why Alex Jones and info wars… Continue reading THE “HUMAN RIGHTS ACT” DECEPTION

What is a Focali$er?

Focali$er – a person supporting a process by bringing focus to areas of need. For many years I have worked under the title of Facilitator which is occasionally seen as a dirty word. Facilitate has its origins in ‘easy’ and ‘to make’, therefore I’ve always interpreted it to mean ‘to make easy’.  However, the word has indeed… Continue reading What is a Focali$er?

The Suppressed Spirituality of the West

One of my mentors, Paul Levy, inspired me not to overlook Western metaphysics, he investigated Buddhism and meditation in early life but later discovered Rudolf Steiner and the like.  This is another inspiring man, Thomas Sheridan with a reminder to value our own heritage.

Hitler didn’t die in a bunker but retired to Argentina

I love it when the narrative of accepted history must be rewritten.  We have been so thoroughly lied to this century.