Pokémon Zombies

Last weekend I found myself enjoying an afternoon stroll with family in the local park.  It was a beautiful autumnal day and the trees were glowing red, orange and yellow.  There was a clear fresh breeze and the sky was as blue as one could ever wish to see.  The park was much busier than… Continue reading Pokémon Zombies

The Biggest Hurdle to Ending the Drug War?

This may well be an unusually brief blog on this subject but it’s clear there are no reasonable arguments to be made for the continued social policy of prohibition and criminalisation of drugs, the spurious suggestion that removing these barriers to taking drugs will encourage significant uptake is farcical.  Convinced by the medicinal value of… Continue reading The Biggest Hurdle to Ending the Drug War?

The End of the Control Mechanism?

It seems to me that we are perched at a point in time where we see an interesting interweave of circumstances that could provide the means to curb the oft repeated cycle of control by a small minority. This pattern, I believe, has the potential to be disrupted.


The minute that a sufficient number of people grasp the truth of what’s laid out clearly in this blog I’m reposting here, we can find ourselves with a very different world. It is singularly the most ignored and equally powerful information regarding our modern society. It also touches on why Alex Jones and info wars… Continue reading THE “HUMAN RIGHTS ACT” DECEPTION