Who am I? – 2023

One of the most difficult questions to answer is “Who am I?” Like many people I have a tremendous resistance to writing a bio.  Many great teachers like Alan Watts, Ramana Maharshi and Jiddu Krishnamurti have used this question of “Who am I?” as a path to enlightenment because when we sincerely ask the question we… Continue reading Who am I? – 2023

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Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

In recent weeks I’ve been asked about the correlation between self-directed learning and natural immunity. For me, the two are inextricably related. If you are of a curious nature, you must want to understand what’s going on in the world.  If you are an autonomous learner, you must question your sources. If you are keen to learn… Continue reading Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

Beyond any reasonable doubt

It is no longer a belief, I can now say beyond any reasonable doubt that we are witnessing the early stages of a radical transformation of human society. It’s taken nearly two years of assembling the evidence to be able to publicly announce these, my deepest concerns and most honest convictions: The opening gambit of… Continue reading Beyond any reasonable doubt

New Paradigm Radio – An Interview with Ian H Powell

Many thanks to Shawn for the invitation and a great interview: http://www.newparadigmradio.com/ian-powell/ Mostly touching on New Paradigm Education http://newparadigmeducation.co.uk Also mentioned: School in the Cloud – a global experiment in Self-Organized Learning Khan Academy – a non-profit organization providing free education online Tamera – A school and research station for realistic utopia