Worry is Preposterous

What are we supposed to do in this lifetime?

Terence McKenna suggests:

“De-emphasise anxiety… reassure people…

How often do we hear people say “I’m scared about my job, I’m anxious about my relationship, my children…”

Don’t worry… you don’t know enough to worry… that’s God’s Truth.

Who do you think you are to worry?

It’s a total waste of time.

It presupposes such a knowledge of a situation that it’s a form of hubris.”

Wei Po-Yang, known as the ‘father of alchemy’, was asked at the end of his lifetime spent studying the I Ching what he had learned from it, he replied “Worry is preposterous.”



Ian H Powell is Dead

A name is not a living thing, it is a sound used to point to something.  A name is a part of speech associated with a given entity.  Ian H Powell was a name given to me by my parents… and as an act of trust… they registered my given name with a group masquerading as a democratic government.  My parents, acting in good faith, unwittingly created a Trust in my name which was then capitalised… in every sense of the word.  The name was altered from Ian H Powell to the capitis diminutio maxima version IAN H POWELL… and a financial value was ascribed to this Trust and added to some accounting columns where it became capital used in order to secure a loan from the debt-based banking syndicates. This creation of a legal fiction may or may not have been initiated with benevolent intent but one thing is very clear… i, a man… am not my name. Continue reading “Ian H Powell is Dead”

The Suppressed Spirituality of the West

One of my mentors, Paul Levy, inspired me not to overlook Western metaphysics, he investigated Buddhism and meditation in early life but later discovered Rudolf Steiner and the like.  This is another inspiring man, Thomas Sheridan with a reminder to value our own heritage.