Inter Ference on (or off?) Facebook

Viva Life Itself!

(Is This Controversial?)   

by Inter Ference @ March 2015


background: a fairly brief and routine email was typed and sent to a friend…whereafter it took on a life of its own,

expanding dramatically beyond the author’s control and then screen page!

the beast is now several miles long and running riot no doubt across the south downs where it was seen heading, still growing…


having left said author for dead,clutching fast to what he had composed prior to being overwhelmed and which he presents below;

hopefully for your discerning time-intensive amusement and perhaps reference…

to read/or hear reactions however damning or underwhelmed would be grand,but no pressure whatsoever-

well a little but it can wait til u are suitably inclined! Continue reading “Inter Ference on (or off?) Facebook”

The Peaceful Majority

It seems

The salty tears of history

Have largely washed away

The memories of atrocities

By religious and political ideologies.

Yet what remains

Are figures like stains.

The peaceful majority in Germany

Failed to prevent 60 million deaths

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Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?

If so, we could be in trouble.  Perhaps we’re asleep at the wheel.

Joking aside.  This is a beautiful and poetic image I have been developing and embellishing over the last few years.

I once heard a talk from a scientist proposing there was a link between the complexity of an organism and its potential for consciousness… which is somewhat supported by advancing theories of Artificial Intelligence in the field of computing.  This was anecdotally connected with the development of the human brain, which appears to ‘turn on’ as it approaches a certain number or density of cells.  Is it possible that humanity’s function to serve as some form of self reflecting consciousness for planet earth is being ignited as time unfolds around us? Continue reading “Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?”