The Peer to Peer Economy

If you really want to feel inspired the direction our culture seems to be moving in and stay ahead of the curve, I highly recommend watching this video.  James Corbett with another excellent report highlighting a whole range of aspects about P@P developments including loads I’d never heard about despite having kept abreast of this subject… check it out…

2015: Year of Transition

New Year’s Day 2015 was a significant day in my life because I finally had the courage to close my Facebook account and to destroy my bank cards turning away from the use of invasive technologies and traditional banks… systems that represent ‘the old way’ of doing things… in favour of employing methods for interaction that are more congruent with a better future for all. Continue reading “2015: Year of Transition”

Vested Interests and How to End Suffering

Far too many professions on this planet directly profit from the suffering of others which means it’s unlikely those with such vested interests will want to see an end to suffering.  These positions currently include dentists, doctors, lawyers, therapists, the police and many charity workers.  It’s not so easy to trust people who make money from other people’s misery.  If your employment depends on the pain of others, whether or not you can consciously recognise it, you depend on their misery to survive, so the last thing you would want at some level is to genuinely heal their suffering. Continue reading “Vested Interests and How to End Suffering”

Ian H Powell is Dead

A name is not a living thing, it is a sound used to point to something.  A name is a part of speech associated with a given entity.  Ian H Powell was a name given to me by my parents… and as an act of trust… they registered my given name with a group masquerading as a democratic government.  My parents, acting in good faith, unwittingly created a Trust in my name which was then capitalised… in every sense of the word.  The name was altered from Ian H Powell to the capitis diminutio maxima version IAN H POWELL… and a financial value was ascribed to this Trust and added to some accounting columns where it became capital used in order to secure a loan from the debt-based banking syndicates. This creation of a legal fiction may or may not have been initiated with benevolent intent but one thing is very clear… i, a man… am not my name. Continue reading “Ian H Powell is Dead”

Progress and Poverty

Who could dispute the insanity of fleas arguing about who owns the dog?

Not many people seem to have heard of Henry George.  After nearly 25 years of taking a keen interest in Economics I was surprised to find that this man has provided one of the most damning critiques of Adam Smith et al and provides a convincing deconstruction of the logical fallacies that underpin our modern world.

Regardless of the absurdity of the situation, we humans persist in the insanity of disputing who owns the land.  Who could ever own the land?  The confusion between the right to own the product of one’s labour and the right to own the land is crippling civilisation and guarantees our demise if we don’t get over this erroneous thinking.  Every previous empire has fallen when the levels of inequality becomes intolerable.

Quite incredibly, Henry George outlines a beautifully simple means to alter the course of our collective future, should we be willing to challenge the inherited assumptions of the past.  A win-win solution awaits us.

Here’s a link to the book online with a great narration in a soothing voice I’ve enjoyed listening to late at night.

End of the Middleman

It seems to me there is little doubt that the increased urgency for international trade agreements and police militia etc are a result of the panic felt by the financial Powers That Were in the face of decentralised commerce. No longer do we need private banks to stamp the Queen’s head on debt-based, fiat currencies.  This article sums it up nicely:


Furthermore… technology like this makes the decentralised future even more inevitable: