Technocracy Rising

I generally resist sharing anything that could be misconstrued as being negative.  I also tend to share only those items that are relatively easy to digest so posting a link to a three hour talk about something of the darker aspects of our modern world bucks this trend somewhat.  That said, this lovely man, a… Continue reading Technocracy Rising

The Peaceful Majority

It seems The salty tears of history Have largely washed away The memories of atrocities By religious and political ideologies. Yet what remains Are figures like stains. The peaceful majority in Germany Failed to prevent 60 million deaths

Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?

The first thing I’d like to say is that I do care, very much… in ways that may not be obvious.  This festival is more about stars and mushrooms than fisherman and kings. It’s the time of year when social media will be awash with alternative xmas messages and yet there’s still a couple of… Continue reading Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?

The Suppressed Spirituality of the West

One of my mentors, Paul Levy, inspired me not to overlook Western metaphysics, he investigated Buddhism and meditation in early life but later discovered Rudolf Steiner and the like.  This is another inspiring man, Thomas Sheridan with a reminder to value our own heritage.

Hitler didn’t die in a bunker but retired to Argentina

I love it when the narrative of accepted history must be rewritten.  We have been so thoroughly lied to this century.