What is a Superhero?

If you think that a superhero means a lycra-clad, masked and muscled man with magical powers, it might be time to update your ideas.  A superhero does not have to mean some Nietzschean image of perfection the recent decades of superhero comics and graphic novels stand as testimony.

Sometimes a superhuman achievement is just to make it through a whole day without being violent in thought or action.  Sometimes it could be simply being there for someone at the crucial point when they needed some support whether that be just a hug or even a glance of understanding.

Perhaps all we need to do is show some heart? Continue reading “What is a Superhero?”

No World Order


Let me tell you ’bout the new world order
Not the kind to make you run for the border
It’s a new religion wrapped in a revolution
With a proven solution for your mental pollution Continue reading “No World Order”

Salesman for a Better World

I like to consider myself an advocate for the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.  A salesman offering comprehensive after-sales support for those invested in making that transition. It’s a voluntary position motivated by my own self-interest because I want to live in that world which is slowly coming into view… a world of justness, love and compassion. Continue reading “Salesman for a Better World”

You’re Not the Only One to Think Something’s Up

If you have thoughts that are often seemingly at odds with what is generally accepted by your family, your friends or your work colleagues, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. You are probably already coming to the realisation that civilisation is in crisis and not very civilised at all. How do you feel to look around and see so much that needs to be improved and so little visible transformation?

Take heart and be inspired.  You are not alone.

Rebooting the System

Terence McKenna admonished us to remember that culture is not our friend.

We can think of culture as a programming language with which our fleshy biocomputers are able to process the information bombarding our reality tunnels.  Defects in language result in defective thinking.  Unhealthy thoughts lead to dis-ease and destruction.  It is time to update our operating systems.  The bugs we see in our social software arise from faulty coding and input analysis.  We can improve our all our lives by integrating these redefined programming terms presented here into our thinking, assisting us with the task of deprogramming ourselves from collective insanity. Continue reading “Rebooting the System”

Life After Facebook

Since leaving Facebook at the start of the year, nearly a month now, I’ve been experiencing a wide range of different emotions. The positive ones include…

  • Surprise and relief at the amount of time at my disposal, I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d been spending ‘looking for something’ in a dopamine fuelled surge for distraction.
  • Happiness to have had greater connection with people in the ‘real world’.  I’ve picked up the phone and met with friends instead of being satisfied with a textual exchange.
  • Passion for creativity with extra time and thinking space.
  • Better sleep and greater vitality without the consistent distraction tempting me.

The Peaceful Majority

It seems

The salty tears of history

Have largely washed away

The memories of atrocities

By religious and political ideologies.

Yet what remains

Are figures like stains.

The peaceful majority in Germany

Failed to prevent 60 million deaths

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