April 2015- Update – Infiltrating Education

In the last month or so I have taken up working as a supply teacher, cover supervisor and teaching assistant for infant, primary and secondary schools, enabling me the rare opportunity to see first-hand what’s going on in our nation’s classrooms.

I’m afraid to inform anyone who thought otherwise, a child’s experience of school is generally a routine of Pavlovian obedience training with some drab looking bullet points thrown in.  No matter how glossy the school prospectus or the interactive white boards, no matter how charming or well intentioned the teachers… they are still basically in the business of crowd control, un-uniformed police armed with sticks and carrots, corralling students with the promise of rewards or the ubiquitous threat of punishment.

Typically, students arrive excitedly on a beautiful sunny morning and are met by a barrage of “Shut up, voices off, sit down, settle down, don’t move and be quiet…” and this continues pretty much throughout their day, a day filled with pointless exercises with only a few momentary exceptions when their creativity is unleashed on something meaningful and subsequently restrained again only a few minutes later.

It’s been a shocking and profoundly disturbing journey at times, one day in particular left me feeling utterly depressed, temporarily bereft of inspiration having witnessed a deep and pervasive sense of stagnation.  If we truly wish to revitalise our schools and strengthen our culture for the future, we require a fundamental shift in approach. Thankfully, I’ve been able to have some very positive meetings with Headteachers suggesting that certain schools are ready to try something new.

The recent interventions have also provided me with the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of working with students who are commonly thought of as being ‘hard to reach’.  It’s easy to see how rarely young people have an adult talk with them sincerely, as an equal, I’ve found adolescents usually labelled as ‘difficult’ to be highly responsive when I’ve worked with them.

I’m currently supporting students at a local academy who are preparing for their GCSE Maths exams who at age 16, still don’t know how to do multiplication and division.  Just one session with me and I am able to see a light go on and I can watch them competently and confidently carry out a task that had mystified them for years.  The joy of helping someone in this way is tempered by the sadness of the travesty that an eager young mind should have detached so completely from the art of number, this modern survival subject, purely because they got lost along the way… if they’d had the benefit of an updated teaching method many years ago, they may never have arrived at the point where they would say “I hate maths, I can’t do it.”

I’m not sure where all this is leading, but somehow, I feel an indefatigable optimism.

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Times of Transition: A United Kingdom?

As we accelerate through these rapidly changing times towards another general election in the uk, it’s clear that the idea of national identity is a crucial topic for re-evaluation.

It’s almost impossible for us to clearly discern what the intentions were that originated the ideas of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.  A conversation about this subject can quickly become divisive.  There are those who think that the English culture is based on the pure principles of personal autonomy, mutual respect and justice… there are others who are convinced this was nothing more than an early and extremely successful form of propaganda carried out by those with the greatest concentration of money and power. Continue reading “Times of Transition: A United Kingdom?”

Two Fleas and the Question of a Dog

Although the absurdity of the image of two fleas arguing over who owns the dog is immediately apparent… the absurdity of how we must pay for the right to live on the land continues to escape our society as a whole.

Over 20 years of paying rent and feeling the futility of trying to build a home whilst vulnerable to the whims of the housing market… I have been moved on from over 30 addresses.  Last year my patience finally broke and for the last 15 months I’ve lived without a place to call my own, rent free and without the associated property obligations but experiencing an even greater form of vulnerability.  Although I’ve not had to spend a night on the streets, there have been moments when the dampness of a shop doorway has felt perilously close, close enough to further deepen my empathy for those with no alternative.

Our culture is so completely insane, so totally upside down and back to front… it seems we must choose between living as an outlaw or surrendering to the insanity of reinforcing our culture’s bizarre traditions like paying money for the right to lie down on a small patch of earth.

Cyber Soma – The New Drug of a Brave New World

Although reading 1984 was a life changing experience at age 11, I only got around to reading Brave New World last month and this book, like Orwell’s stark warning of cultural tendencies, highlighted many issues that we would all do well to be aware of if we don’t want to move inexorably towards a communist control paradigm.  For anyone who doesn’t think that’s possible in our supposedly ‘free’ society would do well to realise that 8 out of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto have already been implemented in the West.

A significant theme in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ is the pervasive use of Soma, a drug which enables the State to maintain a status quo through mass medication.  The enormous percentage of the population using prescription drugs today is as high as 70% in some areas with many of those consuming all manner of mood enhancers daily.  Add to that the enormous number of people who self-medicate with illegal drugs, alcohol and nicotine and it’s clear we are living in one drugged up society.

But far more insidious is the proliferation and ubiquitous presence of cyber drugs.  Has any other phenomenon more effectively isolated people from each other than the sparkling allure of gadget screens?  Has any other phenomenon more effectively distracted the public from the injustice of their society?  The majority of civilisation spends the significant part of its day scrolling up and down having its perception stimulated by the content which is largely managed by a handful of content providers.

The electronic dummy (or pacifier in the US) is probably the most significant and invisible form of crowd control in the modern world.

The Recovering Face Addict

The last email to my mailing list prompted some feedback to say that there was a hint of the recovering alcoholic or the evangelistic ex-smoker in the way I was talking about Faceboob.

There’s no doubt I got a lot out of my experience… I want to make it clear that my FaceFeed was a veritable torrent of inspiring ideas and connections, there’s a huge amount I discovered even if that came at a price.  I suppose Alcoholics Anonymous exists because there are recovering addicts who are able to give hope to others that another way is possible… I guess this was my hope too.

A Force For Change or Forced to Change?

In these times of great turbulence we have the power to choose whether to live as a force for change or accept that we will be forced to change.

Everything in life is constantly in a state of flux… moving, growing, transforming, evolving.  To think that we can resist the tides and currents of existence is insanity.


Inter Ference on (or off?) Facebook

Viva Life Itself!

(Is This Controversial?)   

by Inter Ference @ March 2015


background: a fairly brief and routine email was typed and sent to a friend…whereafter it took on a life of its own,

expanding dramatically beyond the author’s control and then screen page!

the beast is now several miles long and running riot no doubt across the south downs where it was seen heading, still growing…


having left said author for dead,clutching fast to what he had composed prior to being overwhelmed and which he presents below;

hopefully for your discerning time-intensive amusement and perhaps reference…

to read/or hear reactions however damning or underwhelmed would be grand,but no pressure whatsoever-

well a little but it can wait til u are suitably inclined! Continue reading “Inter Ference on (or off?) Facebook”

New Paradigm Astrology

There are many people who disregard astrology out of hand because of a misunderstanding that the stars in some way exert a force over human lives and shape events or incline us to behave in certain ways.  This is a misunderstanding of the alchemical appreciation of the adage: “As above, so below, as within, so without”. Continue reading “New Paradigm Astrology”