Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

self-directed learning and natural immunity

In recent weeks I’ve been asked about the correlation between self-directed learning and natural immunity. For me, the two are inextricably related.

If you are of a curious nature, you must want to understand what’s going on in the world. 

If you are an autonomous learner, you must question your sources.

If you are keen to learn the truth, you must be wary of censorship.

If you are well informed, you will be aware of the influence of corruption.

And if you are aware of the current state/corporate/media manipulation…

You must have noticed the contradictions in statistics and the accepted narrative.

Ergo… you must be dubious of the rollout.

The inspiration for writing this piece stemmed from some troubling events in my personal life that have occurred in recent months.

As the Founder of New Paradigm Education and The Genius Tree, suspicions have been aroused in regard to my attitudes towards inclusivity which I’d like to take a moment to address first. 

Sent to Coventry

As a father who is home educating his children and providing support to families who also wish to educate outside of the school system, it’s appalling that I should have recently been excommunicated from a number of online communities for home education. Where there exists just a small (but growing) percentage of the population who home educate, excommunication is a very severe punishment, not just for me but my children and all those in my care. In each case there was no warning, no right of appeal, just a sudden ejection from the group. It seems utterly repugnant that we should no longer able to find out about or participate in local home ed activities. It may or may not be a coincidence that my YouTube channel was also terminated, equally with no right of appeal or warning, it was impossible to glean ANY information from Google as to the reason for this… removing hundreds of videos… many of them made with young participants. Extensive playlists designed for parents and young people seeking inspiration were also deleted as a consequence.

Concern for Others

The cause for these evictions from home education circles emanated from an invitation I once shared for an event in someone’s house who requested unvaccinated families only. The family had young girls and were alarmed by medical evidence of young women beginning to menstruate unnaturally early, probably as a result of shedding, girls as young as two years old

This concern seemed entirely reasonable to me, there are families who avoid close proximity with peanuts or any other number of innocuous substances as a result of allergies. Imagine a visitor saying “My child has a right to eat peanuts in your home, even if you have health concerns.”

Due to an allergy to sesame seeds, a family recently requested that other children not approach their child if they had eaten hummus. This doesn’t raise many eyebrows in a region where every second person seems to have a food intolerance. These kinds of restrictions are de rigeur in schools across the country and no one bats an eyelid. Surely a hesitation about exposure to those participating in the first human trial of a medical intervention (with zero safety data) is a justifiable cause for concern? Surely a family has the right to decide who or what they invite over the threshold of their own home? However, this request was widely (or at least vocally) perceived as unreasonable and dangerously divisive. It was discriminatory and to be suppressed absolutely. 

The fact that I’m happy to work with those who have been vaccinated was completely disregarded, I do not fear exposure to them. I trust my immune system implicitly and I do everything I can to expose it to the widest variety of viruses and bacteria that I can. I eat fermented foods, I never use hand sataniser (sic), I hug people, I sing, I dance, I swim in the sea and play in the dirt… I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Most of the criticism and accusations I can empathically disregard. Many are poorly informed with a limited ability to think critically and I do not blame or judge them. However, somewhat more troubling were some conversations and email exchanges with people who clearly had higher than average intelligence.

One email with a subject relating to inclusivity drew my attention in particular and merited a lengthy exchange. Any doubts about my attitudes towards inclusivity are so outrageous that I felt no need to defend myself whatsoever. 

Mr Inclusive

My career in education began in a school for the deaf. I was taught to play music by a blind man. My brother is in a wheelchair. The first project I wrote which attracted significant funding (and awards) was called the Special Integration Project which paired mainstream and special needs schools to make music together. I have learned three foreign languages and immersed myself in exploring those cultures. Over the years I have worked with a spectrum of special needs – most of whom I saw as victims of misdiagnosis and compulsive labelling. Some of the children I work with everyday have special needs which I refuse to acknowledge with a label, I perceive them as having different abilities and sensitivities. Schools used to pay me to work with ‘difficult cases’ offering one-to-one support so I have worked intimately and successfully with all kinds of people from every kind of background. All this to say that I have a more experiential understanding of difference than most people could ever have. During my time as an English teacher I worked with students from every part of the world and the glowing testimonials I’ve received across the board would not be indicative of someone who harboured malignant prejudices. 

Possibly the most visual evidence of my desire for inclusivity is the logo I designed, The Union Hack, which condenses the flags of every nation into the outdated Union Flag of Great Britain. It was an explicit effort to show the most expansive symbolisation of what it means to be British.


Furthermore, I have spent more than 10 years of my own time studying and practising the art of Non Violent Communication which is a practise which absolutely depends upon empathy and the willingness to see beyond differences to identify with the unmet needs we encounter. 

A Stark Contrast

As a father of four children running a forest school of sorts, my daily life is spent having fun in the most innocent way imaginable… playing and encouraging young people to climb, jump, ask questions and explore nature. This week I visited two other youth groups where I led music sessions, told stories and had children jumping, dancing and laughing among the trees. The beauty of my daily life spent with toddlers and young children seems to be in stark contrast to the suspicions and antagonism I have aroused from adults online in the local home education community.

Including exclusion

There is probably an element of this saga which is related to being based in Brighton where woke-ism has become a religion that seeks to melt all boundaries. This idealism fails to recognise that Nature is laden with semi-permeable membranes that separate utterly distinct entities. The heart and the lungs are completely different organs and yet they allow blood to flow between them which blurs their boundaries from a certain perspective. However, in Brighton and the surrounding areas, there is a fashion for imagining that there should be no such thing as distinctions or borders, even including such things as biological sex and cultural differences. This is not the moment for those debates but I do not subscribe to those delusions. I manage extremely good boundaries and that is part of my success with children.

Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

One of the local groups where it was suggested that I should leave was ironically called Exploring Nature. When I first saw the title of this group, I immediately identified with it. Exploring Nature describes the attitude I have to life and encapsulates what I try to share with others. These two words “Exploring Nature” describe an approach which suggests an equality of perception, individual entities moving through reality and attempting to derive meaning from what they apprehend through the senses. Unfortunately, I posted an invitation to an event which attracted erroneous accusations. Nobody is worried about events run “for girls who like nature activities” or “for 8-10 year olds who are interested in flowers.” But my advertisement included the words “for self-directed learners who trust in natural immunity.” This was seen as divisive and people failed to see the relevance to the group(!) or the correlation between self-directed learning and natural immunity. 

Who stands to gain?

Since leaving school, one of the greatest things I’ve come to learn is the importance of questioning information sources. The latin phrase “Cui bono?” is one that I consider paramount, always considering who benefits from presenting certain information. This has taught me to consult a wide range of sources on any given subject and I remain highly sceptical of data where I see obvious profiteering. In recent years, this has meant that the BBC, Google and Wikipedia have become increasingly unreliable. However, the internet remains an incredible source of information where one can consult original materials that were previously inaccessible. A self-directed learner MUST learn how to navigate the vast seas of information in which we are immersed and discern which are the most reliable.

As a self-directed learner seeking to survive our current social situation, one MUST try to understand what is going on, our very lives depend on it. The widespread censorship and manipulation of public perception should be an immediate red flag for anyone seeking truth. All mainstream media is bought and paid for by just two companies meaning that this entire realm of information must be treated with extreme scepticism. When the state and the pharmaceutical companies and everyone in between are singing from the same hymn sheet, parroting each other precisely with no debate permitted, this is extremely alarming. When people are being asked to “Trust the Science” while disregarding hundreds of scientists who are screaming for caution, one should be troubled to say the least. 

The Courage of Confession

I have seen countless people sacrifice everything in order to share their pleas for caution. Many have transmitted their message at enormous personal cost. This week I saw a mountain biker whose health and career had been ruined since his recent injection. After trying to share his experience online, he has been the subject of such vitriol and accusation it has rendered a joyous being utterly suicidal. He is not alone.

Democracy is impossible without free speech

The censorship on Google, Facebook and YouTube etc. has rendered these information sources unreliable. One MUST seek outside those channels to access anything substantial. This means that one must turn to alternatives such as Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram and LBRY if one wishes to find personal testimonies that would be suppressed, hidden or deleted elsewhere. That is why the vast majority of people have no idea of the genocide which is taking place. Most people are completely ignorant of the severity of what is happening. What’s more, we are generally reluctant to imagine, let alone accept, that such evil might exist in the world. 

Irrefutable Evidence

Everyday, I see and hear testimonies from families whose lives have been devastated by adverse reactions. From every part of the world I see doctors and nurses crying out for this to stop because they spend their days with patients whose lives have been ruined. The Police State in Australia is horrifying. Peer-reviewed studies from the likes of Harvard estimate that only 1% of the negative side effects and fatalities are being reported. The whole scandal is being used as a means to usher in the most fascistic form of governance ever unleashed upon the world. Russia and Nazi Germany pale into comparison to the proposed control grid heralded by The Great Reset. Videos from the open prison known as China reveal extensive quarantine camps where ne’er-do-wells are sent and isolated indefinitely. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are still none the wiser with regards this terrifying threat.

Emergency Biology

As a self-directed learner, I have spent much of the last two years learning about the biome and the virome and other biological mechanisms of which I previously had very little knowledge. My ‘A’ in GCSE Biology might carry little weight as an authority in such matters but my ability to learn a huge range of different skills is evidence of my capacity to understand things at a high level. My tutors over the last couple of years include the most educated and highly regarded medical specialists on the planet. The joy of the internet is that we can enjoy close proximity to the greatest experts alive (and dead) who take the time to explain complex issues in rudimentary ways, always a sign of true understanding, especially when they highlight the limits of their own knowledge.

As a result, I cannot possibly conceive of how a truly alert self-directed learner, fuelled by their own curiosity, could not have been consumed by a need to educate themselves on the greatest subject of our time. AND, as a result, how they could not have come to realise the importance of trusting our natural immunity? The statistics of the last few months stand as testimony to this position. Those who have not participated in this giant experiment are retaining their health while those who “Trusted the Science” are dropping like flies… including children and top level athletes. Never before have so many people in the prime of their lives suddenly died or suffered serious illness inexplicably. Most people are completely unaware of this and some are wilfully ignorant. M Scott Peck, the psychologist who wrote “the Road Less Travelled”, asserted that wilful ignorance was the essence of evil itself.

Filtering Mechanisms

So when I advertised an event for “self-directed learners who trust in natural immunity.” The correlation seemed obvious to me. 

I tried to politely explain but the objections just seemed to multiply. Tired of confronting the constant harangues of the “Exploring Nature Group”, I set up an alternative group and left an invitation with this as a parting shot: “…don’t bother if you think shooting bioweapons into children is ok.”

Frankly, I’m tired of trying to explain things to people who are unwilling to do their own research. Not a single person has ever asked for the evidence upon which I base my concerns. I’ve collected and distributed all the data relating to this subject and yet most offended souls seem not the slightest bit interested. 

Is there no excuse for exclusion?

If I was setting up a swimming club… I wouldn’t invite people who weren’t interested in swimming. I wouldn’t want to have debates about whether or not swimming was an appropriate pursuit to follow. I wouldn’t want to waste time arguing about whether or not it was ethical, I would just want to meet and swim.

Similarly, I don’t want to waste time in an educational setting trying to integrate paedophiles. Nor would I want to work with families who think that totalitarianism is a viable future for humanity. Neither would I share much in common with families who think it’s okay to enrol their children in medical experiments. Let’s just accept that for those with such interests, we’re on different paths.

My Own Selfish Interest

One of the primary reasons I have for working with those who trust in “self-directed learning and natural immunity” is that they are much more likely to thrive in the coming years given the current data. It seems insane to base my business model on those who are choosing to take the medical interventions. And I find it difficult to find compassionate words to describe adults that approve of entering children into such a program.

The Ultimate Boundary

The surface of our skin, the flesh boundary we expose to injections, has to be the most deeply symbolic boundary for human beings. There is no more intimate act than to allow someone to pierce our skin. We have to trust the food that we eat, the people we have sex with and the medications we consume. In recent years we have been asked, and then it has been demanded, that we should implicitly trust organisations with criminal track records, with everything to gain and nothing to lose. This is insanity. The state and the media insist that we trust their profit hungry motivations over our innate immune systems which evolved naturally over millions of years. We are being asked to trust artificial intelligence over the wisdom of nature.

Child Protection

Protecting the well being of children has to be of paramount importance to parents, educators and anyone in a position of responsibility in the community. Ignorance is no excuse in the face of the law and anyone who commits harm or who fails to prevent harmis guilty. As an educator and parent, I see informing myself as the most important thing I can do. Teachers and families who fail to question what is going on and take action accordingly are simply on a different path to me and the people I work with.

New Paradigm Education is about a lifelong commitment to learning. If we don’t have that “beginner attitude” and seek to improve ourselves continually, what example are we providing to our children and the world around us? If we are so foolish as to content ourselves with a diet of mainstream media, we are doing ourselves and others an enormous disservice.

The Next Step

These events have further precipitated a move away from the establishment media cartel and have provided a healthy reminder of how things could unfold in the future if we allow totalitarianism to take hold. If the vaccine passports are tolerated, humanity worldwide will be condemned to slavery with all semblance of liberty extinguished. Busy as I am… trying to do the best I can for the young people in my life… I have little time for polite exchanges where I have to perform backflips in an effort not to offend the sensibilities of virtual strangers. Many people have decided to entrust their lives to the pharmaceutical companies and the governments which seek to establish a technocracy. That is their divine right. It is mine to decide who to work with.

One of the ideals to which I am committed is to speak as a faithful witness to our times. I try to share my perception of reality as honestly and as accurately as possible. Any suggestion that I do that without compassion is ridiculous and those people who know me well can attest to that. I am not perfect but I try with all my might to do the best that I can. The families I work with share similar ideals and anyone who was to attend our events would feel that cohesion. For those coming at life from a different perspective, they’ll feel uncomfortable there.

By labelling my events for those who trust in self-directed learning and natural immunity… I’m allowing people who wouldn’t feel at home there not to come. Just like when a school says “Children cannot bring peanuts to school.” Christian groups naturally exclude Muslims. Jewish groups naturally exclude Christians. The Labour party excludes Conservatives. The Sea omits The Land. The beauty of this world lies in its boundaries and distinctions.

I sense that the revulsion felt by those who found the “self-directed learning and natural immunity” distasteful were experiencing the highly attuned sensitivity of their own intuitions. Why were they so averse? It was probably for good reason. They wouldn’t have felt comfortable there.

Trust your body’s wisdom

One of my clients has a deep interest in comparative religion, their incredible library includes everything from Gnostics to Satanists and the entire works of Carl Jung amongst many other notables. One visiting parent was so alarmed to see books from the likes of Aleister Crowley that they were reluctant ever to return to the house. This seems like a natural form of self-selection to me. The parent in question confessed their concerns to me and I simply expressed my admiration for such a commitment to spiritual investigation. I could have tried to explain and reassure but what would it achieve? They would have likely remained suspicious and on guard. 

Similarly, those that don’t feel to join an event advertised for “self-directed learning and natural immunity” share a similar reticence that I would have to joining a knitting club, it’s simply not for me. What is interesting to note is their subsequent desire to ban and silence anyone with a different taste and to see it as a personal affront. Why this need to excommunicate people who simply have a different set of interests or beliefs? The number of people who joined the new group shows that there were plenty of others who sought to participate in such an event. What’s clear is that we are living in a time when censoriousness has gone far beyond the bounds of the mainstream media and its bought-and-paid-for editors. We have already entered a period where supposedly well meaning people are silencing others and are incapable of tolerating different perspectives.