Why it Takes More than One Real Man to Really Love a Woman

What man would ever be conceited enough to claim that he can meet all the needs of a woman?

The needs of a woman (and indeed all of us) are many and varied.  There are physical needs, emotional needs, intellectual needs, spiritual needs… there are needs so subtle they escape all classification and definition, some arise spontaneously in the moment and require extreme sensitivity and intuition in order to be met.

Some men excel in meeting a woman’s need for physical security, food shelter and the like… some men (not many!) have a flair for understanding the emotional affairs of her heart… some may be able to support a woman with a sense of belonging and self worth… and others may have a capacity for fulfilling her sensual desires.

But what man would claim to be able to do all of these things… and even then… all of the time?

A human being is a mystical thing, we know almost nothing of our true nature.

Intelligent humans are infinitely curious… and curiosity demands variety and a diverse range of stimuli.

Mundanity and monotony are anathema to the intelligent mind.  Even the most adept lover will eventually become tired, staid and predictable and unable to stimulate a woman’s need for excitement and vitality.

Men who think they alone should be enough to satisfy ‘their’ woman are setting themselves up for failure.

New paradigm partnership is slowly coming into view… community partnership… group marriage… a time where the fragile ego of a man no longer needs to be propped up by the thought of acting as ‘her only lover’.  A willingness to share the responsibility of supporting perhaps not just woman, but many women and children… a true community partnership where the responsibility for living healthy lives is shared collectively and individually… male conceit is perhaps the greatest hurdle to finding new ways of meeting all our needs for love, partnership and sexuality.