Times of Transition: A United Kingdom?

As we accelerate through these rapidly changing times towards another general election in the uk, it’s clear that the idea of national identity is a crucial topic for re-evaluation.

It’s almost impossible for us to clearly discern what the intentions were that originated the ideas of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.  A conversation about this subject can quickly become divisive.  There are those who think that the English culture is based on the pure principles of personal autonomy, mutual respect and justice… there are others who are convinced this was nothing more than an early and extremely successful form of propaganda carried out by those with the greatest concentration of money and power.

People like Keith Allen have powerfully asserted the cross-cultural power of integration that Britain represents and his video Vindaloo under the pseudonym Fat Les is well worth watching and shows how the modern idea of England embraces every aspect our this island’s diverse culture… at least for those who are willing to integrate.

The rise of UKIP has undoubtedly put race back in the public mindset by raising questions over healthy integration… and there’s no doubt that those who feel a sense of shame about the uk’s imperialist history have ample justification for keeping Britain’s borders open.

It seems the very name of the united kingdom has been sullied by the events of history and the loose organisation on these isles could really do with rebranding in order to exemplify the best one could think of what it is to be British… whilst distancing ourselves from the worst.

This is just part of the story behind the flag that I have designed for the Unified Kindom which aims to symbolise the idea of ‘unity in diversity’.