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There are many people who disregard astrology out of hand because of a misunderstanding that the stars in some way exert a force over human lives and shape events or incline us to behave in certain ways.  This is a misunderstanding of the alchemical appreciation of the adage: “As above, so below, as within, so without”.

Many of the geniuses of our time including Tesla, Eddison, Russell, Da Vinci, Steiner… all had an appreciation and an awareness of the stars because they serve as a mirror, a reflection of the earthly realms.  An understanding of the trends in the sky can offer a powerful and meaningful reflection and a focus for our meditations.

The forces of this universe are undoubtedly mysterious and to dismiss the the inter-dependence of the planets and organic life on earth is foolhardy.  One can see from observing the cycles of plant and animal life that there are empirically observable relationships.

I have delayed providing links to Tom Lescher’s weekly reports because of fears about being disregarded as a hippie but there’s no getting away from it… I am what I am.

For the last few years I have taken to watching a weekly youtube report provided freely by Tom Lescher, otherwise known as Kaypacha, the man behind the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative.  The first time I saw one of his “Pele Reports” (as they used to be called – named after the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii where he used to live), I was slightly  put off but what I pigeonholed as a slightly shabby-looking and ageing hippie.  I have come to have a deep appreciation for his penetrating, inspirational and challenging offerings of mentorship.

If anyone doubts Tom’s ability to interpret a birth chart… please feel free to have a look at this interpretation he gave of my chart whilst I sat there quietly in a group and listened… he gave this reading during a workshop without any preparation and without any leading information from me.  If this is to be written off as cold-reading then he is truly a master of the art.  Many of my close, long term friend’s have testified to the accuracy of his depiction of my character:


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  1. Bloody ‘ell — good reading by Kaypatcha – makes me tempted to splash the cash for one myself…….
    (He’s got you sussed — let’s all trust you can get yr mission under way LARGER)

  2. Hi Ian – Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire is at 0W12 deg & 52N20 deg. I make your ascendant 0Libra35 not in late Virgo! The chart has slighty the wrong coordinates (further north and to the west). The Porphry house system makes no difference either. To actually check the degrees of the angles, you need to rectify and use solar arc (how much the progressed sun moves) on planets that conjunct the major 4 angles. A degree equals a year. E.g your sun is 23 degrees 19 minutes away from the IC so something significant happened to you at age 23, plus 19 divided by 60 – equals nearly 4 months. So sometime in mid-March 1998, that period was highly significant in your creative life. Perhaps when you were living with Mark on the seafront? A music-soul-connection, the birth of making music, etc. The problem with birth times here in the UK is they’re often rounded up or down. In the US it’s compulsory at birth to note the time to the nearest minute. The point with the angles, esp the Ascendant, is that it moves about a degree every 4 minutes. (Summer or winter in the UK; angles would move slower & quicker respectively as the angle of the sun changes). The planets don’t move anything like that quickly. Thus,If you were born 4 minutes earlier or later then that ‘event’ could have occurred in 1997 or 1999! Your life would have been quite different, anyway. So accurate charts are essential especially if the native doesn’t know their time of birth. You would then cross check life info with other planets on all the angles to find other major events. Doing your Sherlock on it. The maths should always come before the interpretation! It wouldn’t have much mattered to what Tom said in terms of absolute accuracy as he spoke from the soul-centred, karmic type of astrology; i.e a larger perspective passing through lifetimes, assimilating, learning, re-learning, etc. To check the Virgo v Libra ascendant you could clarify by planet rulership, house position and any aspects. But as Tom said also, Pluto in the first house dominates that factor almost entirely so rendering which ascendant you have is less important; Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) cannot be ignored! Kudos to Tom! x

  3. Further note; the Huntingdon descibed by the coordinates in the chart is the Huntingdon in Yokshire just outside of the city of York. Ollie

  4. Great comments Ollie. i would kinda say Ian comes across with a libran vibe…. i like yr maths approach.. and i was quite into Tom’s karmic analysis as a way of quickly finding someone’s direction or mission in life. Why aren’t you doing charts as yr living?

  5. Mike, thanks – you’re too kind! Why not? I was re-acquainted recently with an old friend who I used to do workshops with back in the day, reigniting something. I am doing a few charts at the mo. And blogged a little mundane stuff for the March 20th eclipse/full moon, but personal stuff is what I do x

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