Salesman for a Better World

I like to consider myself an advocate for the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.  A salesman offering support for those invested in making that transition. It’s a voluntary position motivated by my own self-interest because I want to live in that world which could be slowly coming into view… a world of… Continue reading Salesman for a Better World

Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

In recent weeks I’ve been asked about the correlation between self-directed learning and natural immunity. For me, the two are inextricably related. If you are of a curious nature, you must want to understand what’s going on in the world.  If you are an autonomous learner, you must question your sources. If you are keen to learn… Continue reading Self-Directed Learning and Natural Immunity

Beyond any reasonable doubt

It is no longer a belief, I can now say beyond any reasonable doubt that we are witnessing the early stages of a radical transformation of human society. It’s taken nearly two years of assembling the evidence to be able to publicly announce these, my deepest concerns and most honest convictions: The opening gambit of… Continue reading Beyond any reasonable doubt

Pokémon Zombies

Last weekend I found myself enjoying an afternoon stroll with family in the local park.  It was a beautiful autumnal day and the trees were glowing red, orange and yellow.  There was a clear fresh breeze and the sky was as blue as one could ever wish to see.  The park was much busier than… Continue reading Pokémon Zombies

The Latest, Greatest Discovery…

I’ve often described myself as having been educated in the School of Life… but my recent discovery of the YouTube channel going by that name has been a joyful revelation.  Beautifully made, concise, colourful videos… means that catalysing a discussion on any number of topics with children or adults is made very, very easy.  Packed… Continue reading The Latest, Greatest Discovery…

Alan Watts Discusses Aldous Huxley’s ‘Island’

Take my favourite author, add to this my favourite of all his books, then add my favourite philosopher, mix them altogether and what do you get?  About three hours of inspiring audio delights that absolutely moved my world.  I don’t recommend this talk to anyone who hasn’t yet read ‘Island’.  If you are one of… Continue reading Alan Watts Discusses Aldous Huxley’s ‘Island’

Technocracy Rising

I generally resist sharing anything that could be misconstrued as being negative.  I also tend to share only those items that are relatively easy to digest so posting a link to a three hour talk about something of the darker aspects of our modern world bucks this trend somewhat.  That said, this lovely man, a… Continue reading Technocracy Rising