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I like to consider myself an advocate for the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.  A salesman offering comprehensive after-sales support for those invested in making that transition. It’s a voluntary position motivated by my own self-interest because I want to live in that world which is slowly coming into view… a world of justness, love and compassion. Continue reading “Salesman for a Better World”

Beyond any reasonable doubt

It is no longer a belief, I can now say beyond any reasonable doubt that we are witnessing the early stages of a radical transformation of human society. It’s taken nearly two years of assembling the evidence to be able to publicly announce these, my deepest concerns and most honest convictions:

The opening gambit of a global agenda to depopulate the planet seems to be well underway.

Shock tactics

It’s taken time for me to be able to face the facts myself and accept the depravity of what’s currently unfolding. It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do: to accept the evil which must exist in order for this situation to be as it is. How does one make peace with the idea that powerful groups seek to terminate the lives of millions of people? How does one not fall prey to living in constant fear? How can this be anything but traumatic?

No good ever comes from bad…

Who can know what dwells within the hearts of people who perpetrate genocide? Whether or not they believe themselves to be taking honourable steps for the sake of all mankind, is there any justification for mass murder? No matter what the motives, no good is ever achieved by committing atrocities.

Could it really be genocide?

Despite the scorn for conspiracy theories, many of you may be only vaguely surprised to hear such bold assertions because claims of overpopulation have been rattling around for decades. A great many people have casually given assent to the idea of depopulation without ever considering whose life might be on the line. How many of those who express concern for the climate would actually volunteer for their own extinction? The overwhelming participation in the needlecraft ritual suggests many are consciously choosing to play their part. Does rolling up your sleeve for Boris and Bill constitute the ultimate act of self-sacrifice?

Evil Twins

Hereditary Vampires – Boris Johnson and Bill Gates

It’s very interesting to note that these two critical figures on the global stage share striking traits in their parentage. Both Bill Gates and Boris Johnson have fathers who have played significant roles in the Eugenics movement.

Bill Gates has been openly calling for depopulation for years. However, hardly anyone seems to have noticed the glaring contradiction between that and his quest to ‘save’ humanity. How does his concern for too many people balance with this seemingly noble attempt to save the world by injection? Something doesn’t add up here.

Stanley Johnson has never hidden his desire to see population massively reduced and he must be equally proud of his son’s contributions towards that end.

How to respond?

It’s not surprising that people should fall into denial when confronting such a grim reality. Who would want to believe it? When there is so much cause for us to believe in the benevolent spirit of humanity, considering a realm of such darkness leaves an awfully bitter taste in the mouth.

Outright denial and drowning in fear are the modes of action that will most certainly seal our fate. The only way to move forward is to take heed and act smart.


“It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a ‘higher standard of living than any have ever known.’ It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary and henceforth unrationalizable as mandated by survival.”

Buckminister Fuller

One of my favourite authors, Aldous Huxley, was convinced that overpopulation was a massive threat to the future of humanity. And yet by contrast, possibly the most inspiring engineer of the twentieth century, Buckminster Fuller, was persuaded that overpopulation was a ridiculous concept. He went very far to demonstrate that WE DO NOT LACK THE RESOURCES to feed, clothe and maintain an incredible lifestyle. We only lack the intelligence and the political will.

“If you take all the machinery in the world and dump it in the ocean, within months more than half of all humanity will die and within another six months they’d almost all be gone; if you took all the politicians in the world, put them in a rocket, and sent them to the moon, everyone would get along fine.”

Buckminster Fuller

For anyone who doubts whether or not we are able to technically sustain the billions of people on this planet, I can point you to a recent report by James Corbett on the Limits to Growth. As usual, his investigation contains comprehensive references and the last part of the video is deeply inspiring. It features clips from Professor Julian L Simon who amongst others, demonstrated time and again how improving technology actually increases the resources we have available.

Population Collapse

It has been known for a little while that one of the biggest threats facing humanity is population collapse. Fertility rates are declining rapidly and as more and more people migrate to urban areas, the urge for large families diminishes. As we see ageing populations spreading around the world, there can be little doubt that we face a massive reduction in numbers over the coming years (sic).

Given that we face such a pressing threat to our survival in the not-so-distant future, is there really any need to push humanity over the edge?

Really… Mass Murder?

To make the assertion that we are witnessing the intentional killing of millions of people, you can rest assured that I do not make these claims lightly. If I hadn’t been convinced over and over again, I wouldn’t risk the public humiliation of being wrong. As it is, like so many whistleblowers, I’ve seen too much, I’m quite certain that this is what’s unfolding. I’m willing to risk everything to speak up and do what I can to bring change.

All crimes require that three elements must be present:

  • Opportunity
  • Motive
  • Means

To substantiate any claims of mass murder, one must be able to demonstrate all three elements beyond any reasonable doubt.


It’s remarkably easy to demonstrate the opportunity for mass murder.

Never before have we seen such hand in glove relationships between government and business. Ministers of state departments issue national safety mandates while signing huge deals with the pharmaceutical industry. We can provide countless examples of politicians shown to profit directly from golden handshakes and these gross conflicts of interest.

Scott Gottlieb – making his way through the revolving door…

Financial forensic investigators have demonstrated the intricate links between corporations and it’s been established that almost all large businesses are owned by either Vanguard or Black Rock. This means that the entirety of the media and pharmaceutical industries are ultimately under the control of just two investment companies. The release of the Pandora papers contains explosive evidence showing the complex relationships between clandestine offshore accounts and the most influential powers on the planet.

Recent years have seen remarkable evidence come to light with regards the overlapping interests of large corporations and significant players on the world stage. Public Private Partnerships whether formed explicitly or simply resulting from the revolving door between business and politics account for the opportunity to facilitate unprecedented acts of violence on a scale never previously imaginable.

The Trilateral Commission. The Council on Foreign Relations. The Bilderberg Group. The World Economic Forum. All of these powerful and overlapping organisations have openly stated their objectives and they certainly represent the means by which a global heist of such proportions could be achieved. Collectively, the individuals who constitute the higher ups of these various groups number little more than a thousand. Just one large room full of people with the means to execute a global plan. The most significant characters could huddle around a large table. This doesn’t even constitute a conspiracy in the traditional sense because the intentions have been repeatedly declared openly.

  1. Money.

    A formidable motivating factor for any crime. There can be little doubt as to who profited from the scandal we have witnessed since 2020. The colossal transfer of wealth upwards has ended up in the pockets of the mega-rich; Big Pharma; the banks; life insurance companies; lobbyists; celebrities and government stooges; all have made huge fortunes in the name of protecting the public. Trillions funnelled from central banks, through governments have made it to the media, the drug manufacturers and the pockets of all the middle men who grease the wheels. Schools have been granted outrageous funding in return for obeying the party line. Doctors, nurses and all manner of federal employees have had their silence purchased by subtle and not so subtle means.
  2. Power.

    The allure of being able to manage a technocracy where every last item, every last person can be quantified and cancelled is the ultimate wet dream for anyone with control issues. The means of dominating every aspect of human life through a digital coin/passport must be incredibly alluring.
  3. Pride.

    To imagine oneself as saving the planet or at the very least, saving humanity from itself must be tempting for anyone with delusions of grandeur. Imagine a saviour complex taken to the nth degree except that here, saving the world demands the wide scale sacrifice of innocent lives. What ‘normal’ person would dare such unthinkable action? Only the most courageous and original thinker could proceed with such a plan. It’s not so hard to picture the kind of mentality that would get a thrill from such vain imaginings.
  4. Stated Intent

The illuminati have been hiding their secrets in plain sight for a very long time. A magical agreement called “Revelation of the Method” demands that victims are told what is to be done to them before execution.

The last hundred years has seen many of the most powerful figures call to dispense with the “Useless Eaters” who are crowding the planet. From the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds, from Henry Kissinger to Klaus Schwab, numerous luminaries have boldly pronounced their contempt for the masses.

And besides, there’s nothing like precisely carving one’s intentions onto a massive stone structure and plonking it in the middle of the American countryside to publicly declare war on the masses. The anonymously curated Georgia Guidestones are commonly mentioned in conspiracy circles but how does one disregard them? This intricately engineered structure, whose expensive installation occurred under the strictest secrecy, lays out plans for the future of humanity. Translated into English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian, the monument couldn’t state any more clearly the proposal to:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Georgia Guidestones, Elbert County, Georgia, March 22, 1980.

Some may argue it’s an entirely noble intention and an earth conscious aspiration but one cannot ignore the necessary inconvenience of disposing of a few billion souls in order to meet this objective.

If it were indeed the case that the urge to depopulate the planet originated from a genuine desire to protect Mother Nature, perhaps such hubris could be forgiven? Are the perpetrators actually trying to save humanity?

As Bill Burr suggested: perhaps we’ve had enough of that guy already? Maybe the elite are doing the world a favour by ridding the planet of those too gullible to realise they are being poisoned.


Now that business is conducted on a global level, there is no requirement to involve large numbers in a conspiracy. Now that mainstream media has achieved 360 coverage around the world, opposing narratives can be drowned under a barrage of propaganda. Now that the masses are in debt and have been trained to be obedient, fearful and compliant, a whole new level of authoritarianism is possible. Now that the Police have been armed like soldiers, the force of the State can be brought to bear like never before. Now that lobbyists have taken control of the political sphere, the muscles of government can be flexed for corporate aims. Now that the isolated masses can be influenced by teams of corporate and government psychologists, behaviour can be conditioned with precision. Now that graphene oxide can be manipulated at a distance, who knows what could be unleashed on body and mind?

A Positive Slant

The Empire’s grip appears to be clasped tightly around humanity’s throat. It seems there’s only a poorly equipped rebellion which stands in the way of total dominance by the Dark Lords. But the fight is far from over and maybe fighting would be a waste of time.

How can one sustain a battle against the tyranny of technocrats armed with drones, 360 surveillance and armies of robot dogs?

A comforting thought from clinical psychologist Mattias Desmet is that totalitarianism always ends up destroying itself from the inside. The internal contradictions are so great that the system finally crumbles under the weight of its own insanity.

The need for individual autonomy is irrepressible. We can’t even prevent ourselves from eating a naughty bit of chocolate at the best of times. Almost everybody suffers a weak spot which they find impossible to resist. Addictions, bad habits, occasional ‘treats’, there are very few people who can discipline themselves indefinitely. We should be very cautious about trusting anyone who claims they can. How often have we seen the facades of great gurus crumble once the behind-the-scenes truth of their personality is revealed? If we can’t control ourselves, let alone our partners, our children, our family members or even our technology (which often seems to have a mind of its own), how on earth are we going to control countless millions of people?

The control freak’s wet dream of the perfect system will never be attained. Meanwhile, we risk massive suffering at the hands of those who would attempt such a coup.

It’s unlikely there’s an adult alive who hasn’t had to deal with the frustrations of dealing with bureaucracy. Who hasn’t had to navigate the countless menu options on a helpline trying to find a solution to a technical problem? Your electricity company cuts you off. The water company charges you for the year rather than the month. The bank locks you out of an account. Your card is stolen. Your insurance has run out before being renewed. You have to challenge a traffic or parking ticket. It’s easy to remember the scenario and the torment of trying to explain to a disembodied voice that you are the victim of simple mistake. Imagine if there was an error with your digital wallet and your whole life was turned off. No more access to the internet, to shops, to transport, to food, to communication.

Since Orwell’s 1984, dystopian nightmares portrayed by books and films like Black Mirror have been trying to warn us of what happens when we give too much power into the hands of technocrats and a digital control grid. We stand at a point in history where we must be very prudent as to how much liberty we sacrifice.

The outright hypocrisy of those cheerleading for a New World Order is flagrant. They tend to be the ones most frequently caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Sex scandals, backhanders, insider trading, you name it. The urge to achieve blanket control is the allure of perfecting the ultimate cover-up, where no further questions will ever be asked nor answered. It is a flight into total fantasy.

To conclude… the verdict

Although the mainstream media obediently maintains radio silence on any counter narrative information, one should know that court cases are being won, decisions overturned and countless whistleblowers speaking out. There is no way this conspiracy can operate in the dark any more which is why there is a desperate hurry to achieve total control before the truth can become so widespread, the lie falls apart.

It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that World War III has been initiated and it’s being fought against the common man, fought on every domain imaginable from chemical castration to supply chain sabotage.

If anyone should doubt the overwhelming evidence to support these claims, I’m going to be releasing morsels through my Telegram channel. If anyone would like a USB key with a comprehensive directory of files, please feel free to get in touch.

a law book and a court gavel symbolising the expression "beyond any reasonable doubt"

Pokémon Zombies

Last weekend I found myself enjoying an afternoon stroll with family in the local park.  It was a beautiful autumnal day and the trees were glowing red, orange and yellow.  There was a clear fresh breeze and the sky was as blue as one could ever wish to see.  The park was much busier than usual though, and it took us a while to see why there were so many people there that particular day.  It was only when we passed through a group standing at the junction of a few paths that we discovered everyone was obsessively looking at their screens.  It was one of the most bizarre social gatherings we’d ever seen where nobody was speaking or even looking at each other, there seemed to only be the vaguest recognition of anyone else being there.  As we passed through the small crowd, they all seemed completely oblivious to our presence.  I really regret not taking a photo, the ones gathered below from the internet give some sense of the surreal scenario we encountered.  Certainly, not a single person was taking in the majesty of their surroundings.  There seemed to be entire families ignoring each other, a stark contrast with families out on their bikes and breathing in the beauty of the day.  Those skulking around with their heads bent over their gadgets looked pasty and lobotomised.

It’s difficult to say if I thought badly of the event which seemed like a half-arsed attempt at a social gathering organised on behalf of people who are already lost to a virtual world.  To be honest, the fact that these people are generally at home craning over their screens just leaves all the more space for those of us who still want to enjoy the natural world.

Maybe I just missed the beauty of people getting together via a video game.  Maybe they all got home and talked fanatically about the semi-virtual events of the day.  Who knows?

Without any doubt, the article which was written under the title “Pokémon Go still has the power to bring people together” seems massively over-stated.  The game, which was co-created with Google and the CIA, has used its users without their even questioning the designer’s intent.  Quite possibly created as a means to refine the ubiquitous mapping of our entire world, including all the interior spaces of our homes, it has undoubtedly been an incredible ruse.  How else could they have convinced everyone to go into their homes and provide a detailed map of every last nook and cranny, just so that the video maps could be uploaded to the servers of the secret alphabet agencies.

This enormous social experiment, probably the largest ever initiated, seems to be accelerating and it might appear difficult to make fun of it, but I’m trying not to take it too seriously.  Let’s celebrate the beautiful natural spaces we have left and give thanks to the creators of virtual worlds who mostly seem to be able to keep the parks clear for us to enjoy.


The Latest, Greatest Discovery…

I’ve often described myself as having been educated in the School of Life… but my recent discovery of the YouTube channel going by that name has been a joyful revelation.  Beautifully made, concise, colourful videos… means that catalysing a discussion on any number of topics with children or adults is made very, very easy.  Packed with information and loads of pointers for further exploration.  An excellent resource for self-education.

Alan Watts Discusses Aldous Huxley’s ‘Island’

Take my favourite author, add to this my favourite of all his books, then add my favourite philosopher, mix them altogether and what do you get?  About three hours of inspiring audio delights that absolutely moved my world.  I don’t recommend this talk to anyone who hasn’t yet read ‘Island’.  If you are one of these sad, miserable excuses for a human being 😉 then please don’t delay and get yourself a copy as soon as you can.

There will be an interview for all parents wishing to engage my educational services and I will offer them freely to any families who have read “Brave New World’ and ‘Island’ and listened to this talk:

Technocracy Rising

I generally resist sharing anything that could be misconstrued as being negative.  I also tend to share only those items that are relatively easy to digest so posting a link to a three hour talk about something of the darker aspects of our modern world bucks this trend somewhat.  That said, this lovely man, a sober individual with an impeccable attitude to research and truth seeking has a message to share that we would do well to heed… it feels like a moral duty to include this link on this blog.  The people who recorded this interview, Tragedy and Hope, are an amazing organisation who have educated me in many ways.  Their youtube channel is a constant source of inspiration as is their Tragedy and Hope Magazine channel which, in particular, features one of the most informative interviews I’ve ever seen: The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto.

How to Boil a Frog: Is it Getting Hot in Here?

In a world whose temperature continues to rise day by day… we frogs, slowly cooking over the intense heat of modern civilisation… have only one way we can get our hands on the heat control.

Debt-based banking, the centralised cornerstone of modern economies can be replaced by alternatives that generate a completely new way of life for humanity. Continue reading “How to Boil a Frog: Is it Getting Hot in Here?”